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  What is a Line Stop?  

Line Stops are used to temporarily isolate (stop flow) in a section of a pipeline, thus allowing for s safe modifications or repairs. In combination with Line Stops, bypasses can also be employed which allows for continuous operation of the system while the section of the pipeline is isolated. When a piping system requires a bypass, TVT provides full-size 3-way tees.



  • Line stop equipment is bolted to a temporary valve and pressure tested

  • Temporary valve is opened, and line stop head is lowered through the hot tap bore to the appropriate set point

  • Isolated pipe is de-pressured

  • Once pipeline modifications and/or repairs have been completed the line stop head is retracted through the temporary valve

  • Temporary valve is closed, and line stop equipment is de-pressured.

  • Line stop equipment is removed and plug setter is bolted to the temporary valve

  • Bypass valve is opened to equalize line pressure with plug setter 

  • Temporary valve is opened, completion plug is lowered into position and segments are tightened to lock completion plug

  • Bleed valve is opened to verify completion plug is sealed

  • Temporary valve is removed, and blind flange is installed on the fitting


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